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Moonlight Indian Cuisine Menu

Fried Starters

Item No. Product Price
1 Chicken pakora(10 pcs) (pcs of chicken marinated with cornflour and secret spices and deep fried $10.50
2 Chilli prawn goa(5pcs) (prawns sauted and simmered in a fresh garlic chilli and spice blend) $12.90
3 Crispy chilli chicken(8 pcs) (Pcs of chicken breast marinated with cornflour and cooked with capsicum and onion) $12.90
4 Keema samosa(2 pcs) (spiced minced meat seasoned with fresh herbs and spiced filled into a homemade pastry and deep fried $6.90
5 Machi pakora(8 pcs) (pcs of fish coated in chick pea batter flavoured with mint,lemon and lightly spiced and deep fried $11.90
6 . Mushroom pakora(8 pcs) (sliced mushroom battered with bread crum and secret herbs $6.90
7 Onion bhaji pakora (sliced onion and spinach fritters dipped in chick pea batter with spices and gently fried to a golden brown colour) $ $6.90
8 Pappadum platter (4 pappadums served with raita,sweet chutney, and tomato &onion salad) $5.900
9 Pappadums (4pcs) $3.90
10 Vegetable samosa(2 pcs) (spiced potato with peas,onion, and fresh coriander filled into a homemade pastry and deep fried) $5.90


Item No. Product Price
1 Full tandoori chicken $18.90
2 Half tandoori chicken $12.90
3 Chicken tikka full(8 pcs)/half(4pcs) $12.90/$8.90
4 Tandoori mix (2 pcs of seehk kebab, 2 pcs of drumsticks,2 pcs of chicken tikka, 2 pcs of chicken breast) $20.90
5 Mix entrée (2 pcs each of tandoori drumsticks, chicken tikka, onion bhaji, one veg samosa and keema samosa) $15.90
6 Paneer tikka (Cottage cheese marinated with spices and cooked in tandoori oven) $8.90
7 Tandoori drumsticks(2 pcs) $5.90
8 Seekh kebab (Minced chops marinated with spices and coooked in tandoor in medium heat) $ 10.90
9 Moonlight Lamb Cutlet (Lamb cutlet marinated with spices and cooked in tandoor in medium heat) $ 14.90
10 Tandoori Pizza Naan $ 6.90

Main Course

GOAT CURRY ($17.50)
1.Goat rogan josh (PCs of goat meat with bone is cooked with basic gravy of onion, garlic, ginger with chef’s special spices and herbs)
2.Moonlight special goat curry (PCs of tender goat is cooked with chef special aromatic spices in medium heat )
3.Goat saag (PCs of tender goat cooked in spinich and tomato ,onion gravy)

Chef’s special curries ($19.90)
1. Sindhi chilli lamb cutlet (pcs of lamb cutlet cooked in Aromatic spices with chef special gravy finished with coriander)
2. Kadahee chicken (pcs of breast chicken marinated with herbs and yogurt and cooked in ginger garlic and onion based gravy and selected chef special spices)

Your choice of chicken /beef | $16.90, lamb |$17.50


Your choice of chicken /beef | $16.90, lamb |$17.50
Item No. Product
1 Masala curry (bonelees chicken pcs baked in charcoal oven then blended in a gentle and mild tomato and creamy sauce
2 Butter chicken (boneless chicken pcs cooked in tomato sauce , almonds , and spices in a smooth thick gravy)
3 Chicken malai ( boneless chicken pcs baked in the oven and then cooked with cashews, Indian spices with thick cream and tomatos )
4 Palak(tender and flavoursome Punjabi curry with spinach and herbs
5 Rogan josh (your choice of meat is cooked in tomato and onion gravy and basic herbs and spices)
6 Korma (the korma is specially created for the moghul emperors. Ground cashews ,yogurt, and selected spices are used to create this rich and exotic curry)
7 Madras (south Indian spices feature in the curry cooked with dessicated coconut,coconut cream, and tamarind sauce)
8 Vindaloo (this is the seasoned curry lovers dream uniquely blended spices make it tangy and hot!)
9 Subji(your choice of meat is cooked with freshly prepared vegetables)
10 Bhoona (a delicious curry from the south India prepared with tomatoes, onion, capsicums)
11 Dhansak (meat simmered with black lentil ,fenugreek and garlic)
12 Channa ghosht (a choice of meat cooked with chick peas and selected herbs)


Item No. Product
1 Mixed vegetable curry (an assortment of fresh vegetables blended with fresh coriander and various spices)
2 Vegetable korma (a variety of fresh vegetables ground cashews yogurt and selected spices are used to create this famous curry)
3 Palak (alu/ paneer/vegetables) a spinach delicacy blending fresh masala and served with homemade cheese)
4 Butter paneer (cubes of homemade cheese cooked with special butter sauce)
5 Bombay potatoes (pan fried with ginger ,garlic, onion, and lightly spices)
6 Dhal makhani (black lentil cooked in a varied spices and coriander)
7 Mushroom bhaji (buttan mushrooms cooked with gentle spices and a hint of cream then topped with cashews)
8 Malai kofta (delicious roll of paneer and potatoes deep fried and cooked in a creamy sauce)
9 Channa masala (famous north side dish made with chick peas, potatoes,tomato, onion, cumin)
10 Vegetable makhan (cooked with almond cream and tomato and spices in a smooth thick gravy)
11 Vegetable madras (cooked with coconut cream,curry leaves and spices)
12 Vegetable vindaloo (the seasoned curry lover’s dream uniquely blended spices make it tangy and hot)
13 Vegetable dhal (assorted of fresh vegetables cooked with black lentil, and fresh herbs)
14 Dhal masala (cooked with green capsicum and onion fresh ginger basic spices)
15 Dhal fry (pan fried cumin seeds,onion, tomatoes, used with black lentil a touch of fresh coriander)

Moonlight specialities

Item No. Product
1 Shahi curry(paneer/chicken/lamb/beef) (rich creamy curry cooked with paneer/chicken/lamb/beef/in the style favoured by great maharajas of India)
2 Beef goa( chicken,beef,lamb) (tender beef pcs in ground peanut paste, sweet chilli sauce and a touch of cream)
3 Punjabi delight(chicken/beef/lamb) (your choice of meat cooked in cream, ground cashews and basic spices which are commonly used in everyday life of Indian families)
4 Mango curry(chicken/beef/lamb) (your choice of meat is cooked with mango pulp a touch of cream and secret spices to give the rich flavour)


Item No. Product Full Price
1 Biryani (Vegetable/ Chicken/ beef/ lamb) $ 14.90
2 Coconut Rice $ 7.90
3 Keema Rice $ 9.90
4 Plain Rice $ 3.50
5 Plough Rice $ 5.90
6 Saffron Rice $ 4.90


Item No. Product Full Price
1 Banana and coconut salad $ 4.90
2 Butter chicken salad $ 5.90
3 Chilli Pickle $ 2.90
4 Garlic & cucumber raita $ 3.90
5 Hot Mix Pickle $ 2.90
6 Lime Pickle $ 2.90
7 Boondi Raita $3.90
8 Punjabi Salad $ 5.50
9 Sweet Mango Chutney $ 3.90
10 Tomato and Onion Salad $ 3.90
11 Tomato and Red Onion Salad $ 3.90
12 Yoghurt and cucumber Raita $ 3.90


Gluten free Naan (choice of garlic spinach and cheese $6.90)
Item No. Product Full Price
1 Naan(a traditional naan made with yogurt,plain flour and milk $3.50
2 Roti(round Indian bread made with $3.50
3 Garlic naan(a touch of garlic added to flavour this bread) $ 4.00
4 Onion kulcha(naan bread filled with chopped onions) $ 4.50
5 Peshwari naan(sweet naan bread filled with nuts and dried fruits $ 4.50
6 Spinach & cheese naan(chef special naan bread stuffed with cheese and spinach) $ 4.50
7 Cheese and onion(soft bread with cheese, onion and chat masala) $ 4.50
8 Cheese naan(soft bread stuffed with cheese) $ 4.50
9 Garlic and cheese(soft bread stuffed with garlic cheese) $ 4.50
10 Ambarsari naan(bread filled with paneer, onion ,chilli) $ 5.50
11 Masala kulcha(naan bread filled with lightly spiced potatoes) $ 4.50
12 Keema naan(naan bread filled with lightly spiced minced) $ 5.50
13 Maharaja naan(naan filled with tandoori chicken,cheese, garlic and secret herbs) $ 5.50
14 Cheese and chilli(Naan is stuffed with fresh chopped chillies and cheese) $ 4.50
15 Chocolate Naan(Naan is stuffed with shredded chocolate) $5.50

Drinks and Desserts


Item No. Product Full Price
1 Black tea $ 4.95
2 Coke $ 3.00
3 Coke Zero $ 3.00
4 Diet Coke $ 3.00
5 Fanta $ 3.00
6 Ginger Beer $ 4.00
7 Ginger tea $ 4.95
8 Lemon Lime Bitter $ 4.00
9 Lemonade $ 3.00
10 Mango Lassi $ 5.95
11 Masala Tea $ 4.95
12 Salty Lassi $ 4.95
13 Solo $ 3.00
14 Sweet Lassi $ 4.95


Item No. Product Full Price
1 Gulab Jamun $ 4.50
2 Gulab Jamun with Ice Cream $ 4.50
3 Mango Kulfi $ 4.50
4 Vanilla Ice Cream $ 4.00

Kids Meal

Item No. Product Full Price
1 Fries $ 4.00
2 Chicken nuggets $ 4.50
3 Butter chicken sauce(with plain rice) $6.90
4 Chocolate Naan $5.00